Non-contact Dr. Frei Thermometer for Safe Use

Dr. Frei MI-200 Infrared Forehead Thermometer offers one of the best ways to evaluate a person's health through a non-contact temperature screening. This innovative medical device uses advanced infrared (IR) technology: the heat, radiating from the surface of the skin over the temporal artery in the forehead, reaches the thermometer's detector inside a probe and converts into an electrical signal. Thus, human body thermal radiation can be displayed in units of temperature on the devices' screen.

You can trust in Dr. Frei MI-200 to get safe and germ-free temperature readings without touching a person under examination. Align the thermometer against the forehead center – above the eyebrow line – and keep it vertical, allowing the distance up to 2.5 cm between the probe and forehead. Non-contact measuring method automatically reduces the chances of infectious and transferable diseases, significantly eliminates cross-contamination whenever the thermometer is used on different testees.

MI-200 thermometer can also be used at home for monitoring the temperature of objects, as it has two in-built measuring modes. Do you need to know how warm the nursing food is in your baby's bottle or how cool the water is in your inflatable kiddie pool? Simply switch to the object-testing function and aim at the surface whose temperature you would like to assess.

Whichever reading you need, it takes less than 2 seconds for Dr. Frei no-touch thermometer to output the result. A one-touch button for easy operation activates accurate and almost instant diagnostics, and agile processing design ensures quick retake of a temperature, should you need to perform several tests in a row.

With internal memory storage of 6 most recent temperature measurements, MI-200 helps you to keep track of the lastest temperatures over time and to observe the dynamics in thermal changes. Similarly to the On/Scan button, the second one located on the right side – for Memory – is also easy to use. Press it while the device is on, and a large, easy to read liquid crystal display will call forth the memorized values. For convenient use in a dark environment, the screen features a light blue backlight, and the idle thermometer powers off in about 15 seconds for battery saving.

Finally, Dr. Frei MI-200 thermometer has a sleek design, nicely fits into the palm of a hand and allows simple cleaning and disinfecting. Protective probe cap is supplied to keep the device's most sensitive part covered at the time of inaction and shielded from dust.

Dr. Frei MI-200 Infrared Forehead Thermometer is a handy universal gadget for family use!

Date: 05.02.2021