Dr.Frei food supplements have been specially developed by FreiCare Swiss AG, Switzerland, taking into account recommendations of the leading health care specialists. Thoroughly researched the highest quality ingredients in combination with the strictest manufacturing standards guarantee premium quality of the products. For many years, the company focused on the development of effective formulations of vitamins using special production technologies. Thanks to the highest efficiency and quality, Vitamins Dr.Frei quickly gained fame in many countries of Europe, North and South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Developing the vitamin complexes, we see our main mission to strengthen people's health and maintain an active lifestyle. Therefore, we attract the leading health care professionals and dietary specialists to create the best products.

The main advantage of Dr.Frei vitamins is an optimal balance of ingredients. Scientifically proved compositions based on recommended daily dosages provide maximum efficiency and safety level.
We use only GMP-certified manufacturing facilities that have passed our rigorous requirements and monitor every product throughout the production cycle to ensure if it meets the highest quality standards.
We offer a wide range of vitamins in different forms such as effervescent tablets, sustained release capsules, soft gummies, lozenges and lollipops to meet requests for all target audiences throughout the world.

Home Medical Device Manufacture

After 25 years of experience and significant product participation in the international markets, a strong impulse to create a professional and exclusive range of medical devices for home use has led to joint cooperation between medical practitioners, engineers and businessmen. As a result, a thoroughly verified range of healthcare devices under the Dr.Frei® brand, “Home Doctors”, was created.

The highest possible quality, design and competitive prices make Dr.Frei products competitive in any market. The range of medical goods under Dr.Frei is a comprehensive proposition for pharmacies and a successful project for the mass market: internet shops, supermarkets and other retail chains.

Dr. Frei comprises products that cover most of the consumer medical devices for home and partly professional use. The brand is governed by the international corporation Global Swiss Group.

Global Distribution