For healthy and dynamic life!

Vitamins and Minerals + Lutein


Contains the essential vitamins and minerals the human body needs.


Lutein is known by its feature of improving the eyesight.


One tablet a day contributes to the proper functioning of the organism and improves the immune system.

    Vitamin A800 μg
    Vitamin B11,4 mg
    Vitamin B22,97 mg
    Vitamin PP18 mg
    Vitamin B56 μg
    Vitamin B62 mg
    Vitamin B9200 μg
    Vitamin B121 μg
    Vitamin C60 mg
    Vitamin D35 μg
    Vitamin H150 μg
    Vitamin E10 mg
    Manganese0,4 mg
    Chrome25 μg
    Molybdenum25 μg
    Potassium5 mg
    Iodine100 μg
    Selenium30 μg
    Vitamin K130 μg
    Lutein50 μg
    Calcium160 mg
    Magnesium60 mg
    Iron10 mg
    Zinc5 mg
    Copper0,5 mg