Super Strong Power

Super Strong Power

For muscle building results!

Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine


The product stimulates protein synthesis and promotes gaining of muscle mass.


Leucine is an amino acid used in the biosynthesis of muscle protein. It stimulates recovery of muscle tissue and bone system.


Isoleucine contributes to muscle growth and increases of endurance.


Valine is essential for metabolism and fast recovery after have physical activities reducing fatigue.


     400 mg


    188 mg
    Glutamine peptide125 mg
    L-leucine100 mg
    L-isoleucine25 mg
    L-valine25 mg
    Magnesium18,75 mg
    Potassium12,5 mg
    Vitamin C11,25 mg
    Vitamin B32,25 mg
    Vitamin B60,25 mg
    Vitamin B20,2 mg
    Vitamin B10,18 mg
    Vitamin B120,125 μg